State rests its case in Sheriff Mike Blakely’s trial

Sheriff Mike Blakely
Sheriff Mike Blakely
Published: Jul. 27, 2021 at 2:07 PM CDT
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LIMESTONE CO., Ala. (WAFF) - Right before the lunch break, the state told the judge that they rest their case. After several days of testimony, the defense can now call witnesses to the stand if they choose.

Tuesday morning started out with attorneys from the state’s side saying they did not feel a hearing would be necessary to further discuss a document they report was missing after their subpoena.

Special agent Rob Stewart, with the attorney general’s office, took the stand. He said Sheriff Mike Blakely deposited money in his own account meant to go into a campaign account. Stewart said Sheriff Blakely was gambling when he should have been in class during a conference. He also testified that the sheriff had been given money through a wire transfer while at a particular conference.

Agent Stewart said there was a check-in question from the Tennessee Valley Authority. He said it was for reimbursing lines on the property owned by the Sheriff’s Reserve Incorporated, and it was supposed to go to the property owner, not be deposited into the sheriff’s bank account.

During cross-examination, a defense attorney asked Stewart about card play with gambling.

Robert Tuten asked if a player’s card can record from Las Vegas without proving that individual person was gambling, and noted that’s possible. Regarding the allegation that the sheriff’s office didn’t give over all the documents, Tuten asked Agent Stewart if it’s possible Debbie Davis, the chief clerk for the sheriff’s office, made a mistake.

“How many records did you collect in this investigation?” Tuten asked.

The witness replied about a million and stated about five thousand of those were from the sheriff’s office.

“You’re not saying Blakely is guilty of a crime because Debbie Davis forgot to send a record,” Tuten questioned.

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