Kitchen Cops: Gnats in ice cream toppings and “fuzzy oatmeal”

Updated: Jul. 23, 2021 at 5:01 AM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - What’s your favorite ice cream topping? Sprinkles - or, do you call them Jimmies? What about M&M’s? Gummy bears? Gnats? Crushed up Oreos? Hold up... go back one.

Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream at Bridge Street continues our streak of astonishingly low scores with a 60 this week. The biggest problem was gnats throughout the building. The inspectors noted them in the kitchen, the ceiling and on top of ice cream toppings. There were also issues with the dish washing sink, dirty utensils blocking the handwashing sink and missing safety test strips. These problems were all noted on July 15th, and corrected by the time inspectors came back four days later - but the low score will stand.

In Limestone County, the Marathon Mini Mart at Hines and Highway 72 scores a 73. The Kitchen Cops wrote an alarming note in their write-up: “Poisonous material separation from food during inspection”. We’ve reached out to the Health Department to confirm exactly what this means. Often, we see writeups for storing things like cleaning chemicals too close to food, but it’s not clear if that’s what this violation is or not. We’ll update this story once we get additional information. The mini-mart was also written up for having flies in the building, no drying devices for people who just washed their hands, dirty soda nozzles and missing chemical test papers.

Back in Madison County, the Texas Roadhouse on Jeff Road is making another appearance on the Kitchen Cops rap sheet. In December of 2020, it was written up for having hot water problems. The hot water was still a problem on July 15th when inspectors came in. They were unable to get water at the sink to register any higher than 80 degrees. This may have played a role in another write-up: the dishwasher not getting utensils up to the required temperature for sanitization. There were also dirty soda nozzles and a damaged ice scoop. It ends up with an 80 score.

The Raceway on Highway 53 just north of Research Park is hit with a 76. The kitchen cops found dirty soda nozzles, a dirty ice machine, multiple food temperature problems and flies throughout the kitchen. All of these problems were fixed by the time a follow up inspection happened a few days later.

Sitar Indian Cuisine on Jordan Lane in Huntsville gets an 83 due to mold in soda nozzles and food in the cooler with no date marked on them.

In the Shoals, the Riverside Restaurant and Golden Corral both score 85′s due to food temperature problems. Riverside Restaurant also had what inspectors called “fuzzy oatmeal”. Great band name, not a great breakfast.

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