Madison County approved almost 3,500 home lots in the last ten months

Published: Jul. 18, 2021 at 10:03 AM CDT
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MADISON CO., Ala. (WAFF) - If you live in Madison county you know the county is growing at a fast rate.

Just this week the county commissioners approved more than 500 new home lots.

While new businesses, people, and homes are coming to the county, County Commissioner, Tom Brandon, said new, good problems are coming too.

“It really is a mixture. There are a number of people who are moving from outside of the city limits into the county and just as much we have people moving into our area that are outside of our county or actually completely out of state,” said Brandon.

Brandon said the growth is a direct correlation with the number of jobs and new businesses that are now based in Madison County.

“We would like to feel that a lot of that chose is being made and these individuals are coming in because Madison county has a lot to offer such as good school systems, recreational opportunities,” said Brandon.

In the last ten months, they’ve approved almost 3,500 new home lots.

But with that growth comes growing pains.

“Even though those are going to be built over a period of time, that really lends itself to some problems, good problems with the growth is because that really does put a strain on the infrastructure such as the roads and utilities,” said Brandon.

Infrastructure isn’t the only thing commissioners are concerned with.

“Also when this many people are coming in that puts a real strain on the school system. What are they going to do with an influx of students coming in and how are they going to plan for it?”

These are all questions county commissioners and other leaders are working to figure out.

“This influx brings a lot of problems, but they are good problems because it’s an opportunity that more is coming to Madison county but it does take a lot of planning not just from the commission but the school boards and engineering department and all of those type of things to try to deal with the influx we are having right now,” said Brandon.

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