Kitchen Cops revisit Hooters; buffet of problems found at Chinese grill

Published: Jul. 16, 2021 at 1:33 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The saga of the Madison County Health Department and the University Drive Hooters continues. As we’ve been reporting, the restaurant scored a record low 54 in June. It was closed for a few days and allowed to reopen after a follow-up inspection. At the time, the health department said a new review and updated score would be coming within 30 days, giving the staff time to correct the issues. That third inspection happened July 8th - and the results were better, but still not great.

The new score for Hooters ended up at 75. It was written up for multiple food temperature problems and chicken with the wrong expiration date on it. A follow-up inspection on July 12th found most food temperature problems resolved, but a few still remained.

The lowest score this week actually belongs to the New China Buffet & Grill on Jordan Lane in Huntsville. It was hit with a 61. Inspectors found a dirty ice machine, unlabeled chemical bottles, loose wires on fry baskets (which can lead to metal shards in food), multiple food temperature problems and an employee who washed his hands - but then dried them on his pants. Fortunately for New China, all of these issues were corrected by the time the Kitchen Cops returned for a follow-up visit on July 13th, but the low score will stand until a new inspection.

Elsewhere in Madison County, the Jack’s at Highway 53 and Jeff Road in Harvest scores a 78 due to problems with the hot water, a dirty ice machine and cheese at the wrong temperature. The ice machine was still dirty when inspectors came back a few days later, so the restaurant got a warning that it’s permit was in danger of being suspended.

The Sonic at Redstone Road and South Memorial Parkway gets an 80 for employees not washing their hands and mold in the ice machine. Ol’ Heidelberg on University Drive had so many food temperature issues that the health department warned managers that the permit was in danger of being suspended.

In the Shoals - the Texas Roadhouse on Cox Creek Parkway set the low bar for the week with a 72. There was a dirty ice machine, flies in the building, no toilet paper in one of the restrooms, multiple food temperature problems, a broken ice scoop and blocked sinks.

The Florence Food Center on West College Street gets a 77 due to flies in the building, spoiled meats in the cooler, a dirty ice machine and dirty utensils.

The lowest score in Morgan County was the More’s BBQ on East Moulton Street in Decatur. It got an 85 due to a dirty can opener and flies in the building.

There were no problems to note this week in Limestone County.

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