Athens City Schools parents want bus transportation for high school

Published: Jul. 13, 2021 at 11:12 PM CDT
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ATHENS, Ala. (WAFF) - Some Athens City Schools parents are in a bind even before the school year begins. Did you know there is no bus transportation for Athens High School students? Parents say that needs to change.

They say it creates a ripple effect where it’s almost a deterrent to going to school in the first place. Some parents who reached out to WAFF say kids can fail classes or even drop out without a way to get to school.

Athens City Schools provides bus transportation for elementary and middle school students. But, that all stops when kids reach the 9th grade.

One Athens High School parent is taking charge and calling for change.

“It is just a big concern because when you get over here, we help our kids get through elementary and middle school. So, we need to help them get to the high school,” says parent, Robert Gilbert.

Gilbert has a rising 9th grader and will be able to pick up and drop his daughter off at school but worries about the other children. He says he always asks children if they are excited about the new school year.

“A lot of them be like um yeah um but we have to figure out how we are going to get there,” says Gilbert.

WAFF reached out to the Athens City Schools Board of Education and did not receive a comment back.

But, provides an answer for parents online saying, “Although some parents have expressed an interest in busing services for AHS, the number of those expressing interest has not historically been large enough to justify the purchase and operation of a bus.”

Gilbert says the interest is here now.

“They are just staying at home doing nothing, lose their education, and not come back to school. So it is very important that we get our kids to school,” says Gilbert.

AHS says if you are interested in a high school student taking the bus you are encouraged to send an email to the Director of Transportation, Mike Bishop.

Gilbert has already taken steps to reach out to the Board of Education.

“We need to get together and at least sign a petition or at least go to the board of education and say this is a need and this is a want. We need it and we want it for our kids,” says Gilbert.

He says the community needs to rally behind the purchase of the bus for the sake of the children’s education.

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