Trial date rescheduled for Nikki Cappello; Huntsville wife accused of murdering her husband

Former nurse Nikki Cappello is accused of fatally poisoning well-know private investigator Jim Cappello with insulin in 2018
Published: Jul. 8, 2021 at 7:03 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - UPDATE: Cappello’s trial date was rescheduled for October 4, 2021.

ORGINAL: A trial date is finally set for a South Huntsville wife accused of murdering her husband in their family home.

Nikki Cappello is accused of fatally poisoning Jim Cappello with insulin. Jim was 37-years-old and a well-known private investigator when he died.

Nikki will be maintaining her plea of not guilty. Jim’s sister Jamie Weast says she’s ready to get justice for everyone involved. In September 2018, Nikki reported her husband Jim as missing.

“I will never forget that day you know he’s missing, packing my bags,” said Weast.

Weast says she immediately drove from Florida to help search when she heard the news. When she arrived at the Cappello home, it was a crime scene. Investigators swarmed the property.

“The detective pulled me aside and told me that his body is in the garage,” said Weast.

Weast said an investigator also told her there was a freshly dug grave in the backyard. Nikki was arrested, accused of killing her husband. She bonded out days later.

“She’s going on every day as if nothing ever happened and she’s okay with that,” said Weast.

Police discovered insulin missing from the medical facility where Nikki worked. Investigators say Nikki stole that insulin and used it to poison Jim, leading to his death. Weast previously told us her brother was healthy and did not require the drug.

She believes Nikki is guilty and belongs in jail.

“It’ll be nice to finally see her behind bars,” said Weast.

She says her brother was well-liked and is greatly missed.

“He had a big heart, he had a really big heart,” said Weast.

Jim was a private investigator. Weast says he was looking into the possibility that Nikki was using drugs, citing his concern for the couple’s daughter.

“You know if he couldn’t get her the help that she needed, then I think he knew that he was gonna eventually have to leave but he had to make sure that Ryleigh was gonna go with him,” said Weast.

Weast now has custody of her niece, Ryleigh.

“She knows very little at this point and she is getting older now, you know she’s almost 3 years older and she’s asking more questions and it’s hard to give her the answers when we just don’t know,” said Weast.

She is hopeful the trial will help provide both of them with answers to questions that have been haunting family members since 2018.

“Am I looking forward to the possible week of going through and hearing all the details and the pictures? That’s gonna be the hardest week of my life,” said Weast.

Nikki’s trial date is set for July 19.

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