Kitchen Cops find flies in the kitchen & 11 day old salsa

Updated: Jul. 9, 2021 at 5:00 AM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - After last week’s startlingly low score at the Huntsville Hooters, the Madison County Kitchen Cops have handed out another abysmal report. This time, it belongs to the Three Amigos restaurant on Drake Avenue.

Three Amigos was on the trouble spots back in November of last year. Eight months later, they’re back with an even lower score. Inspectors handed them a 63 and wrote up several critical issues:

  • Multiple food temperature issues
  • Black residue in ice machine chute
  • Soap and paper towels missing from hand sink
  • Flies in the building
  • Salsa made on June 21st still present in refrigerator 11 days later during July 2nd inspection.

Some of these issues - such as the soap and towels - were fixed on the spot. We’ll keep an eye on future reports for an update on Three Amigos.

Elsewhere in Madison County, three seafood joints are near the bottom of the score sheet this week The Shrimp Basket on Highway 72 is hit with a 78. Inspectors found multiple food temperature problems, dirty dishes stored with clean ones, water at one sink not reaching proper temperature, issues with the dishwasher and residue in spray nozzles at the bar. The Red Lobster on University Drive scores an 80. It also had food temperature problems and “black and fuzzy substances” on the ice machine. And the Captain D’s on Madison Boulevard scores an 81. It lost points for not having working hot water at a sink or dishwasher.

In Lauderdale County, the lowest score belongs to Fiesta Mexicana in Rogersville. Managers there were notified that their permit was in danger of being suspended after an 80 score. It had a walk-in cooler that wasn’t properly cooling food, no paper towels at a sink and missing food thermometers. Also in Lauderdale County, the Krystal on Florence Boulevard scores an 84 due to food temperature problems and employees not following food safety protocols.

In Limestone County, the lowest score belongs to Whitt’s Barbecue in Ardmore. It got an 83 due to flies in the kitchen and dirty soda nozzles, according to inspectors.

The lowest score in Morgan County is the Papa John’s on Highway 31 in Hartselle. It got an 85 after inspectors saw toxic cleaning chemicals stored above a cooking tray.

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