Jurors continue deliberating in the Christopher Henderson trial on Thursday

Published: Jul. 1, 2021 at 7:31 AM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Guilty or not guilty? That’s what jurors will continue deliberating in the Christopher Henderson trial on Thursday.

Henderson could be facing the death penalty in this case. He’s accused of working together with his wife Rhonda Carlson to kill his other pregnant wife Kristen and her family. Several of the victims are allegedly children. Henderson is facing 15 charges of capital murder.

On Wednesday the judge clarified some legal definitions for the jurors and answered questions. On Thursday morning, the jury is back to work and will continue deliberation. If the jury finds Henderson guilty there’s another phase of this trial called the penalty phase.

“We will present some more evidence of aggravating factors that are statutory,” said the Chief Trial Attorney for the District Attorney’s office, Tim Gann. “They will present mitigating evidence. Things of his past whatever they want to do.”

“Mitigation is any aspect of the defendant’s life that would make one find that this is a person whose life needs to be spared,” said Henderson’s defense attorney Bruce Gardner.

If Henderson is found guilty, there are two options: life without parole or death. This case might be different than other similar cases in the state of Alabama because the alleged murders happened in 2015. Officials said Governor Ivey signed a bill that gives juries the final say on life or death.

“This particular case happened before the law changed, said Gann. “The judge has the judicial override in the case, so he has the final call, but the jury makes the recommendation.”

This is a developing story, as soon as the jury reaches a verdict we will release an update.

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