Jury starts deliberations in Christopher Henderson case

Published: Jun. 30, 2021 at 7:37 AM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Christopher Henderson’s fate is now in the jury’s hands.

Technically Wednesday is the second day of deliberation because the jury met briefly Tuesday, but recessed immediately. Henderson is accused of working together with his wife Rhonda Carlson to kill his other pregnant wife Kristen and her family.

The judge charged the jury for nearly two hours on Tuesday, the longest charge he said he’s ever read. With a case that’s arguably one of the biggest in the county, the jury now has a tough decision on its hands. If convicted, Christopher Henderson could face the death penalty.

Throughout this whole case, the defense’s theory is that the co-conspirator in this case named Rhonda Carlson is the one who planned the alleged murders and carried them out.

The prosecution tells a different story. Prosecuting attorneys brought Rhonda Carlson to the stand to testify. She said she helped plan the murders in advance, but, she maintained she did not carry out the murders. Carlson said she drove Henderson to the house and brought a gas can inside. It is important to note that Carlson does have a deal on the table with the District Attorney’s office for her truthful testimony.

Finding out the truth is now up to the jury.

If the jurors do find Henderson guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, there will be another phase of this trial called the penalty phase. WAFF 48 caught up with Henderson’s defense attorney Bruce Gardner before a jury was selected, and we talked about what could happen if he is found guilty.

“What happens if he is convicted of capital murder is we immediately go into the penalty phase of the trial,” Gardner said. “That happens in front of the same jury. In the process that the jury is involved in, they will weigh aggravating circumstances versus those that tend to mitigate.”

As soon as the jury reaches a verdict, WAFF will update this story.

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