Monday marks the third day of testimony in the Christopher Henderson trial

Published: Jun. 28, 2021 at 8:10 AM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - UPDATE as of 11:10 a.m.: Monday started with Rhonda Carlson, the alleged co-conspirator in this case taking the stand. During her cross-examination, a video of her interrogation with an investigator played.

In the video, you can hear the investigator ask her several different times if she went into the house. At first, Carlson said no several times. Eventually, she changed her story and said she went into the garage. Bruce Gardner, Henderson’s defense attorney questioned Carlson’s truthfulness.

“Ms. Carlson we’ve been watching 15 minutes and I think you haven’t told the truth yet,” said Gardner.

In the video, Carlson repeatedly said she has never been in trouble. She also asks the investigator what will happen if she tells the truth stating she didn’t want to do jail time. When asked if Carlson did more than step into the house she said yes. Garnder asked Carlson if she knew how one of the children died, to which she said smoke inhalation.

“So no gas can that child might have lived right,” questioned Gardner. Carlson responds yes sir.

“So essentially you killed that child,” said Gardner to which Carlson replied yes sir again.

Carlson said she did bring a gas can to the house.

Original: Jurors can expect to hear more testimony in the Christopher Henderson case on Monday. Cross-examination of a key witness is expected to happen then.

Henderson is the man accused of working together with his wife Rhonda Carlson to kill his other wife Kristen Henderson and her family.

Friday afternoon jurors sat through Carlson testifying. Carlson made a deal with the district attorney’s office that for her truthful testimony they will take the death penalty off the table for her. Instead, the district attorney’s chief trial attorney Tim Gann said she will do life without parole.

On Friday, Carlson testified that the day where the alleged murders happened was not their first attempt to kill Kristen and her family. Carlson also testified that she had no part in the murders.

During opening statements, the defense said that Carlson is the one who planned and carried out these murders, not Henderson. Friday jurors sat through graphic autopsy reports and pictures of all victims.

According to a doctor who reviewed the autopsy reports, Kristen Henderson had multiple stab wounds and a gunshot wound. Kristen’s mother had multiple stab wounds and multiple gunshot wounds. Kristen’s son and nephew both had sharp force injuries or stab wounds. That nephew was still breathing at the time of the fire, according to the expert, but he died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

The doctor also reviewed the autopsy of the unborn female baby. The doctor said it also appears the baby was cut out of Kristen. Many of these victims were also severely burned in that fire.

During jury selection, WAFF 48 spoke with attorneys on both sides.

”We are here to seek justice,” said Gann. “That is our number one goal. This case is serious enough that we are seeking the death penalty but we don’t seek the death penalty in all capital murders.”

“This man regardless of accusation deserves a fair trial and he can only be convicted if the state happens to prove every charge to the degree,” said Henderson’s defense attorney Bruce Gardner.

During the duration of the trial, two jurors were dismissed and replaced with alternates for reasons unrelated to the case.

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