Jury selection set to wrap up in Huntsville murder trial

Opening statements scheduled to begin on Thursday
Published: Jun. 23, 2021 at 7:22 AM CDT
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UPDATE as of 11:15 am: The last panel of potential jurors was questioned as a group. Now begins individual questioning of the potential jurors.

According to DA’s Office Chief Trial Attorney Tim Gann, the prosecution expects to strike a jury Wednesday afternoon or evening. Then, notifications will be sent out to those selected to serve as a juror.

Gann tells WAFF 48 that he hasn’t seen a case like this in all of his 30 years in law enforcement or in the District Attorney’s office. Gann said he feels the alleged details are the worst thing he’s witnessed so far.

Gann also said he expects the prosecution’s side of the case will be finished by Monday. The defense may then put on its case.

Henderson’s Defense Attorney Bruce Gardner said everyone deserves the right to a fair trial. He asked potential jurors if they can be impartial and judge evidence only presented in the case.

The judge also talked about how someone is considered innocent until proven guilty, and how the burden of proof remains with the prosecution.


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Wednesday is the last day of attorneys questioning possible jury members in the Christopher Henderson case. Henderson is the man accused of murdering his pregnant wife and her family.

The last panel will be questioned, and then Judge Chris Comer said he expects opening statements to begin Thursday.

Chief Trial Attorney for the District Attorney’s office Tim Gann said a deal has been offered to Rhonda Carlson, a co-defendant in this case. Gann said if Carlson testifies truthfully in the Henderson case the death penalty will be off the table for her. Instead, Gann said she will get life without parole. This is something Gann talked about briefly during the jury selection process.

Christopher Henderson is facing the death penalty. He’s accused of murdering Kristen Henderson who was pregnant at the time, her mother, her son, and her nephew. Prosecutors allege Henderson did the crime with the help of Carlson.

On Tuesday, Judge Comer said he plans for notices to go out about who is selected to serve on the jury Wednesday night.

Judge Comer said they expect to have 12 jurors and six alternates. He said more alternates are being selected due to the potential for a longer trial and because of COVID-19.

”There is a lot of information in this case and of course going into it there is a lot of work,” said prosecuting attorney Gann. “We feel like the case is going to layout very well. We feel like once we get started that the case will move rather quickly.”

Henderson’s defense attorney Bruce Gardner said preparing for this case took time.

“There’s been an incredible amount of documents and reports and tests and stuff that the D.A. produced in discovery,” Gardner said. “It has been an ongoing process. It’s probably the most overwhelming in case of terms of the amount of material I have ever been involved in.”

For now, opening statements are set to begin Thursday.

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