Wife receives plea deal to testify against Christopher Henderson in murder trial

Updated: Jun. 22, 2021 at 8:20 AM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The jury selection process continues on Tuesday in the Christopher Henderson trial.

Henderson is the man accused of working together with Carlson to kill his other wife named Kristen, her mom, her nephew, and her son. He is facing the death penalty in this case.


During jury selection, prosecuting attorneys talked about a possible deal between the District Attorney’s office and Rhonda Carlson. She is the wife that’s accused of working with Henderson in the alleged crimes.

WAFF 48 confirmed with prosecuting attorneys that Carlson has been offered a deal. Attorneys say she is cooperating with the State and will testify against Henderson. In return, the state is taking the death penalty off the table in her case and she will do life without parole.


Jury selection continue in Christopher Henderson trial
Jury selection continue in Christopher Henderson trial

About 130 potential jurors were called in for this case, according to attorneys. This group was broken up into different panels for questioning.

On Monday, Judge Chris Comer told one of the panels of potential jurors they would not be sequestered if they were chosen to serve as a juror. Instead, he said it would be their responsibility to make sure they didn’t see anything on social media or in other forms of media.

Judge Comer said he expects 12 jurors and six alternates to be selected for the trial. Judge Comer said the pool will have a high number of alternates because of COVID-19 preparedness.

WAFF 48 caught up with attorneys on both sides of the case.

“In capital cases, I might say there’s a heightened level of scrutiny on who gets to serve, who is qualified to serve as a juror in this case, but absolutely the burden of proof remains with the state,” said Henderson’s Defense Attorney Bruce Gardner.

“It is serious but it’s like any other case. There’s going to be evidence. It’s going to be the burden of proof is the same. You make the same decisions based on the evidence in the case and kind of discard all the pressure and the gravity on it. It’s really the same process,” said the District Attorney’s Chief Trial Attorney Tim Gann.

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