Jury selection continues in Christopher Henderson trial after possible timeline setback

Updated: Jun. 21, 2021 at 6:05 AM CDT
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UPDATE as of 11:00 am- The judge started off the proceedings on Monday letting the panel of possible jury members know they would not be sequestered.

He then asked each person on the panel to report their marital status, occupation, employer, and their spouse’s occupation. Possible jurors were asked if they had any relation to any of the attorneys on prosecution or defense. They were also asked if they knew any of the alleged victims or the defendant in this case.

Attorneys from both sides introduced themselves in this case. The district attorney’s chief trial attorney Tim Gann talked about fairness in this case and who would be the ideal juror.

Defense attorney Bruce Gardner asked the potential jurors if they believed the defendant deserved a fair trial.


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Jury selection continues in the Christopher Henderson trial on Monday after last week’s possible trial timeline setback.

Henderson is the man who is accused of murdering his pregnant wife, her mother, her nephew, and her son. For this trial, there are about 130 potential jurors, according to one of the attorneys on the case. These community members were originally broken up into different panels.

Panel one was questioned last Thursday, and panel two was originally supposed to be questioned on Friday. That is until the Governor and Chief Justice gave orders to close courts for the day.

Judge Chris Comer said he found out late Thursday that Juneteenth, the new federal and state holiday, could impact the Henderson trial’s jury selection. He asked attorneys on both sides for their preferences. Judge Comer then made the decision to let those possible jurors go home.

“He considered what we thought about it but I think he really wanted to see from the defense’s perspective just to make sure the defendant’s rights were taken care of,” said the district attorney’s Chief Trial Attorney Tim Gann

For now, the second panel is set to return this Wednesday, but in the courtroom, there was also some talk about possibly not bringing the panel back.

“Panel two is deferred until Wednesday because we have panel three on Monday, and panel four on Tuesday. I suppose it’s possible under certain circumstances we may not need to bring back panel two. That has yet to be determined,” said Henderson’s defense attorney Bruce Gardner. “I anticipate that the last panel will come back,” said Gann. “We will go through the entire process with the panel. That would only be in an emergency situation, but I anticipate they will come back and we will go through the same process.”

Defense attorney Gardner said as of now the start date for the actual trial is set for Thursday.

“It’s a long trial. This is a marathon, not a sprint,” said Gann. “We are in it for the long haul and these things happen.”

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