Jury selection continues in Christopher Henderson trial

Updated: Jun. 17, 2021 at 7:34 AM CDT
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Update as of 11:20 am--- The first group of potential jurors got questioned by the judge on Thursday.

Judge Chris Comer told the potential jurors that they do not plan on sequestering the jurors. Instead, he told the panel making sure they didn’t see anything about the case outside of the courtroom was their responsibility.

Judge Comer asked each person on the panel if they knew any of the attorneys on the prosecution or defense. He also asked the potential jurors if they were related or knew any of the alleged victims.

Chief Trial Attorney Tim Gann for the District Attorney’s Office introduced members of the prosecution team. He talked about the death penalty.

Next, defense attorney Bruce Gardner spoke. He talked about the importance of a fair trial. Gardner asked the potential jurors if they could tell someone was guilty based on looks.


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Let the questioning of potential jurors begin.

The process of forming a jury for the Christopher Henderson trial started back on Monday.

Henderson’s attorney Bruce Gardner said the first of four possible juror groups will be directly questioned on Thursday. The goal, he said, is to narrow down the jury pool until they have the official jury.

Christopher Henderson is accused of murdering his pregnant wife Kristen Henderson, Kristen’s son, her mother, and her nephew. Authorities allege he did this with the help of his other wife Rhonda Carlson.

Both prosecution and defense said this case is a long time coming. Gardner said the case was supposed to be tried last June, but COVID-19 set it back.

Tim Gann, the Chief Trial Attorney for the District Attorney’s office, said they feel the death penalty is fair in this case.

“This is one of those cases where we are seeking the death penalty. We don’t seek the death penalty in all capital murder cases,” Gann said.

Both attorneys detailed what their sides are looking for in a juror.

“It’s somebody that can be fair, that doesn’t have predisposed ideas or biases,” Gann said. “That can listen to the evidence and follow the law. That’s really the process we are going through right now with jury selection, we are looking for someone that can be fair.”

“We need people with an open mind. With a respect for the process and the constitution of the United States and of Alabama,” Gardner said. “That this man regardless of the accusation deserves a fair trial.”

Both sides said they feel it may be easier to get a fair jury pool with the alleged crime happening years ago.

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