Huntsville Police Department moving forward with partnership to improve performance

Rippleworx is helping law enforcement take steps to improve performance
Rippleworx is helping law enforcement take steps to improve performance
Updated: Jun. 17, 2021 at 6:20 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) -Huntsville police leaders say a new third-party company is helping the whole department improve from within. Rippleworx, a company that focuses on improving performance, uses real-time feedback to help solve issues within an organization.

“We found out that their number one reason for being a cop, at all levels of experience, is that they are all still here to help the community,” says Dewayne McCarver, Deputy Chief of Investigations.

87 percent of Huntsville officers participated in a pilot program that started in February. Here’s how it works: Officers downloaded an app to their phone and the app would prompt officers for feedback throughout their shift.

McCarver says the officers are glad to finally feel heard through this anonymous feedback.

“We have seen things like sleep patterns, when our guys, and girls, our officers say they wake up a lot. They do feel stressed from the community and environment and worry that people do not believe in them anymore,” says McCarver.

“Those are things they have communicated to us and that we impress upon them how much the community does care.”

One concern from the June 2020 protests was communication throughout the department. Rippleworx is also helping with that.

“We are looking now at the Ripple product to make that communication more efficient. So that the message is always clear,” says McCarver.

Rippleworx CEO, Angie Sandritter says the pilot went so well that Huntsville police leaders are planning to introduce the Rippleworx method to the entire department.

“We are excited to push forward with the whole police force. We found some really insightful information that was helpful in making decisions. "

McCarver says they want to take full advantage of what Rippkeworx has to offer so they want to start sooner rather than later.

“We are looking to push quickly into implementation right around July 1st,” says McCarver.

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