Black Restaurant Week means much needed exposure for new businesses

Updated: Jun. 16, 2021 at 10:47 AM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Black Restaurant Week is putting a spotlight on locally owned Black businesses in Huntsville and beyond.

The 10-day-long event will feature a food truck festival, a Soul Fest Juneteenth celebration and more than 100 locally owned Black restaurants and chefs.

One such restaurant and chef is Rookiez Wingz and Manager Matthew Love.

“Black Restaurant Week is not only important for us, but it’s important for the Huntsville community as a whole,” Love said.

Love said he’s born and raised in Huntsville and loves giving back to his community through his food.

“For this week, pay attention to what you might be missing,” he said. “You might be missing some good food, some great turnip greens, corn bread, pinto beans, things of that nature. There is great food here in Huntsville that is coming from a lot of Black restaurants.”

Love said Rookiez Wings has only been open for around a year so this exposure is really important to his business.

As we get out of the pandemic, he said now is a great time to help these locally owned businesses.

“Now is the most perfect opportunity to help these, I can’t say struggling businesses, but independently run businesses,” Love said.

Love said this is also a great opportunity for all of Huntsville to come together.

“It’s very important for people from south Huntsville, west Huntsville, east Huntsville, even north Huntsville to inter mingle wit each other,” he said. “We are a melting pot city, its time everyone get out and mingle and see what food you’re missing.”

If you’re looking to grab any of the great food from Black restaurants this week, GrubSouth is delivery for free from participating restaurants.

For more on everything Black Restaurant Week has to offer, check out its website.

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