This year’s wedding season sees venues, vendors busier than ever

Updated: Jun. 9, 2021 at 10:26 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Here comes the bride? More like thousands of them.

Wedding season is in full swing and this year more than ever, couples, event planners and venue workers have their hands full.

”I could actually probably get a little emotional thinking about that, everyone getting back together after how crazy the past year has been,” bride-to-be, Kara Smith said.

Kara Smith and her fiancé Jabari Temple are among many couples tying the knot this year.
Kara Smith and her fiancé Jabari Temple are among many couples tying the knot this year. (WAFF)

Kara Smith lives in Florence and is getting ready to walk down the aisle this Saturday. But, not all couples in north Alabama were able to book a Saturday wedding.

“It’s not even just the weekends now. We have weddings on Mondays, on Wednesdays,” Caroline Buncick said.

Burritt on the Mountain Development Director Caroline Buncick says more people are accepting that invitation as well.

“About 60 percent of the people you send invitations to actually come. Well, that has gone out the window. Now, it’s like 90 percent of the people you send invitations to are going to be at your wedding,” she explained.

That rush to get out and celebrate is causing panic for some couples, according to Huntsville Event Planner CEO Carlee Koehler.

“Someone may have had a very favorite caterer in mind or a photographer that they really wanted to work with that’s now booked out. But because they’re so eager to get married, they’ll book a photographer that doesn’t have that much experience and it will end up causing problems,” Koehler said.

Her advice?

“It’s such an important day to take your time and do it right, so I think it’s worth it to slow down a bit,” she said.

But Koehler’s team can help plan weddings on the fly.

“We actually just booked a client yesterday that is in a three-month pension. She came to us because she found a lot of the vendors she wanted to work with were booked and wanted to rely on a professional,” Koehler said.

And Smith’s advice, find a venue that takes the worry out of your big day.

“They have a planner and a director and a caterer and a hairdresser, like the whole nine yards. If I had to be like the middle man for all these other different vendors, it would be so much more stressful. I can’t even imagine doing it that way,” Smith said.

For Smith and her fiancé, being able to have their wedding this Saturday holds extra meaning. She says they picked June 12 because that’s the day the Supreme Court legalized interracial marriage for the country.

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