Drivers say construction on I-565 continues to damage vehicles; what to do about it

Updated: Jun. 4, 2021 at 5:50 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Many of you have called WAFF expressing your frustration over damaged vehicles from driving on I-565 between Huntsville and Decatur.

So, what is the issue? What’s causing the damage?

Crews are using heavy machinery to repave the roads and it’s not a quick process. Part of the process is called milling, where parts of the surface are being removed and now there are pebbles of the gravel are all along the interstate.

Those pieces of gravel are small but mighty. As you drive across the road they can cause a lot of damage.

”My daughter’s car, the whole front end of it has chips all over it. At least 100+ down the side of the car,” said Mischelle Rivera.

The Rivera family owns several vehicles and they say three of them have thousands of dollars in damage as a result of driving down I-565.

The family takes pride in their vehicles and attends car shows. They pointed out the damage and say they know others who also have damaged vehicles because of the construction.

“We had two friends with us and their estimates were $5,000 and $6,000 to fix theirs. All of us were together, we all have the same damage, it’s no different. So, I’m going to assume the same for each vehicle,” said Rivera.

Every day, thousands of vehicles travel up and down I-565. I talked to the spokesman of the Alabama Department of Transportation, Seth Burkett. He says several people have already reached out to him because of the damage to their vehicles as a result of traveling this road. He says changes will be made to limit the number of small pebbles on the road.

For some, the damage is already done.

“Whether it’s a windshield or anything else, we should not have to worry about this,” added Rivera.

If you have damage to your vehicle as a result of the ongoing construction, you can file a complaint on ALDOT’s website, linked here.

A spokesman with ALDOT says they’ll get back to you to let you know the next steps to fix the situation. R

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