Officials worried unvaccinated population gathering over the holiday could cause spike

Updated: May. 29, 2021 at 11:05 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Officials with the Alabama Hospital Association said they are happy with the current trend of Covid-19 cases, but with the amount of young people still not vaccinated, Memorial Day could cause that trend to go back up.

“I won’t be surprised if our cases move up,” Dr. Don Williamson said. “We saw it with spring break. We’ve seen it with holidays in the past. Memorial Day sort of kicked off last year, the beginning of our first spike, so I do worry.”

Williamson said more than half of the state is still unvaccinated.

“That means more than half of the population remains susceptible,” Williamson said. “It’s largely the younger population, 16-35, that are more likely to get disease.”

While that age group is less likely to be hospitalized, Williamson said it doesn’t mean it won’t happen. He said hospitals across the state are still admitting new Covid cases daily and it’s more younger patients than older.

“Those are probably going to be younger people and healthier people and that doesn’t mean some of them won’t be hospitalized,” Williamson said. “If you get enough people under 35 or under 45 with disease, some of them will end up in the hospital and unfortunately, some of them could lose their battle with Covid.”

Williamson said if there is an unvaccinated population spike from this holiday, it still won’t be as bad as we’ve seen before.

“While I don’t expect to see the sort of spike that takes us back to 3,000,” he said. “Would I be surprised to see our numbers in June move up slightly? I wouldn’t be surprised at all.”

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