Lawrence Co. residents still won’t drink the water after new filtration system begins

Updated: May. 25, 2021 at 10:20 PM CDT
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TRINITY, Ala. (WAFF) - It has been a long time coming, but more than 100,000 customers of the West Morgan East Lawrence Water Authority now have clean drinking water.

Even though the new water treatment facility is officially running, multiple families we spoke to say they still don’t trust the water.

In June of 2016 people who receive water through West Morgan East Limestone Water Authority were told it was not safe to drink after an excessive level of chemicals were found in the water.

“It’s just never tasted right out here,” Don Eaton said.

Don Eaton has lived in Trinity, Alabama since 1978. Several years after moving from Decatur, he started having health issues.

“Colitis of the colon broke out on me in 1986,” he explained.

Eaton doesn’t drink water from the tap anymore. He says he switched to bottled water 10 years ago.

“Most all I do is wash clothes and wash my dishes,” Eaton said.

The same goes for Eaton’s neighbor, Donald Fagan

“My dogs drink bottled water. Even when you take a shower, sometimes it has a smell to it,” Fagan said.

The water authority is hoping that will change. That’s why officials with the authority built a new filtration system with the money it received from a lawsuit against 3M in 2019, to pump the water under high pressure to remove the impurities.

But both Eaton and Fagan say they’re not ready to take a drink.

“I don’t trust them, I mean, I don’t know. They should’ve taken care of this a long time ago and didn’t. I’m just happy with the way I’m doing it now,” Fagan said.

“I hope they stop the problem, but they’ve got to prove a lot to me before I start drinking,” Eaton said.

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