How the Colonial pipeline cyberattack could impact you at the pump

Published: May. 11, 2021 at 6:58 AM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Many people are wondering how the cyberattack against Colonial Pipeline will impact Alabama.

The pipeline company halted operations last week after revealing it was impacted by a ransomware attack. According to Colonial officials, the company is in the process of fixing the issue. As of Tuesday morning, the mainlines were still offline, but smaller lateral lines are now up and running.

Clay Ingram with AAA Alabama said gas prices on Monday are about average compared to two or three years ago at about $2.68 per gallon across the state. Ingram said he doesn’t expect this cyber attack to impact our supply all that much.

Ingram reports as of now the cyberattack hasn’t hit our wallets yet, but that could happen.

“We have not seen an increase in our gas prices at all here in Alabama. It’s possible we might see a little bit of an increase going forward,” Ingram said.

“Right now it looks like three to seven cents per gallon potentially, but if this situation remains in effect for a week or two weeks which I don’t think will happen, then we might see more of an increase than that.”

If the cost goes up just a few cents a gallon due to the cyberattack, Ingram said we can expect it to stay into the summer because it’s a natural increase this time of year, but if it’s a big jump it should drop down somewhat prior to summer travel.

Ingram said Huntsville’s average price is similar to the state’s at about $2.67 per gallon, but a week ago that price was $2.61 per gallon. He said this price increase is because of higher demand.

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