Cullman family concerned after possible bullet hit woman’s car on Highway 31

Updated: May. 7, 2021 at 7:38 AM CDT
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CULLMAN COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - The Cullman County Sherriff’s Office is investigating after an object shattered the back windshield of a driver’s vehicle on Highway 31. The family is concerned it may have been a bullet.

Physically Amber Lotero is okay, but says she’s shaken up and concerned about what happened.

“The moment that it hit. I knew what it was. Someone just shot my car,” said Lotero.

Lotero’s back windshield, and the sense of safely driving down highway 31, was shattered in an instant.

“He said if it would have gone in, it would have hit my head rest,” said Lotero.

She was driving on Highway 31 to Garden City Wednesday morning when the incident happened. Lotero’s mom was in the passenger seat and her sister in the back seat.

Lotero believes a bullet hit the car. She says Cullman County Sheriff’s officials didn’t find the bullet in the vehicle, but told her a preliminary assessment of the damage showed a bullet may have hit the car and ricocheted off, sparing everyone inside.

Sheriff Matt Gentry says Cullman County doesn’t have regulations on shooting firearms and says he has seen instances like where someone was doing gun target practice and missed.

“Have to find out if it’s criminal or accidental,” said Sheriff Matt Gentry of Cullman County, “We are pro 2nd amendment, but we are also pro-training.”

Both Gentry and Lotero say incidents like this are an important reminder that people have to use safety when handling a gun.

“We may never know who done it and that’s okay. I’m just grateful my life and family’s okay,” said Lotero, “Anytime someone is going to shoot a gun, any gun, you have to know what they’re doing.”

The sheriff says they plan to have a firearms training for the public this month.

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