Dutton community comes together to help family who lost home, three dogs in fire

Family seeks help after devastating house fire

DUTTON, Ala. (WAFF) - A Jackson County family is working to get back on their feet after losing everything they own in a house fire, including their 3 dogs.

County Road 387 in Dutton is where the home of Chris and Elizabeth Law once stood. The family’s house was burned to the ground on April 21 and their three dogs didn’t make it out alive.

“There was just black smoke everywhere and flames were coming out of the windows and it was just horrifying and graphic,” said Elizabeth Law.

Elizabeth received a call from her father saying her house was in flames, and she needed to get home quickly.

“I sped over here, and she had to go get Eevie in the car and I pulled up in my truck. Like she said we had some neighbors in the yard and I took off running towards the house and one neighbor said I couldn’t go in there and I was like my dogs are inside my dogs” said Chris Law.

Unfortunately, it was too late. All of their belongings were burned, and their three dogs Caine, Abby and Pepper died in the fire. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. Family members think it was electrical.

Chris said the loss has been heartbreaking for his family.

“The first couple of days after it happened, I think we were both in shock and we didn’t think it was real. I thought I was going to go back home and see my dogs but that wasn’t happening,” said Chirs.

But thanks to the help of the community, Chris and Elizabeth have been able to receive generous donations and clothes which they’re thankful for.

Chris and Elizabeth did not have homeowner’s insurance.

Now, a Gofundme has been created to help them pay for a down payment on a mobile home. If you would like to donate, you may click here.

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