Seniors say AC has been out for two weeks at Willow Run Towers in Huntsville

A senior living center is going on two weeks without proper air conditioning

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Two weeks is how long multiple residents at a senior apartment building tell us they’ve been without working air conditioning.

We caught wind of this from concerned callers to our newsroom and we’re on your side with answers.

We talked with multiple people there Friday who say they were afraid to talk on camera.
We talked with multiple people there Friday who say they were afraid to talk on camera. (Source: WAFF)

Rising temperatures and rising concerns: Multiple people we spoke with at Willow Run Towers in Huntsville say their comfort level and patience is wearing thin.

“I wake up in the night wet with sweat,” Patricia Tucker said.

Patricia Tucker says she’s been uncomfortable for days, she says the AC has been kicking on, but it doesn’t blow cold air.

“It’s not enough cooling to knock the heat out of your apartment,” she explained.

Her daughter-in-law came and picked her up a few hours ago so she could have a cool place to sleep this weekend. Temperatures should reach over 80 degrees.

“I know it will be unbearable,” Tucker said.

But not everyone has that option.

“We’re elderly people and we’re human. And just because we’re poor doesn’t mean that we should be treated any different from them and their homes,” Tucker said.

I spoke with a staff member over the phone Friday night. She said in part, ”We’ve been putting in new AC on every floor and in order to do that they have to shut the whole system down. Many of them have complained to me but there was nothing that I could do if they were working on putting the new system in.”

“I know they are doing the best they can, I hope that they are. But it would be very nice if they could speed up the process,” Tucker added.

WAFF reached out to a staff member about exactly when it would be fixed. They did not give us a date but said it should be fixed very, very soon.

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