Army Vice Chief of Staff visits Redstone Arsenal to discuss modernization efforts

Army Vice Chief of Staff visits Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The 37th Army Vice Chief of Staff visited Redstone Arsenal to meet with leadership and discuss modernization efforts.

The staff at Redstone Arsenal says General Joseph Martin’s visit is a major event. As Vice Chief of Staff, he is the second most senior uniformed officer assigned to serve in the Army. This means his visit to Huntsville is something that happens only every few years. Synergy, innovation, and collaboration are characteristics Gen. Martin says he was most impressed with during his visit to Redstone Arsenal.

“It is so much easier to explain something when you say I’ve seen it with my own eyes,” says Martin. “Yes there is a huge economic benefit to having this installation here, but it is so much more for the country and that is why they should be very proud.”

Gen. Martin says his top priority for the visit was to see with his own eyes the developing technologies and capabilities happening at Redstone.

“Talk about a particular capability, one of the vehicles we are looking at for air defense right now. Today I put my hands on the prototype for that vehicle. I saw it, and got a tour of it.”

During his tour in Huntsville, a bipartisan group in Washington introduced The Military Justice Improvement and Increasing Prevention Act. Essentially, changing how the military investigates crimes like rape and sexual assault, taking it from the chain of command and giving it to independent military prosecutors.

“We are, if you will, breaking them down to the smallest denominator. So that we can build a holistic program so that we can have the response we need for our soldiers. But, most important of all, our principal focus right now is the prevention of sexual assault. Zero is what we are endeavoring to do,” says Martin.

Gen. Martin says his visits to Huntsville are always brief, but enjoyable. He says Redstone Arsenal is the impetus and driving force for the Army sustainment enterprise.

“I am standing in a very important place for the United States Army right now,” says Martin.

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