Kitchen Cops: Double trouble at Bridge Street

Updated: Apr. 23, 2021 at 11:00 AM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - With the COVID crisis stabilizing and arms across north Alabama rolling up for vaccinations, county health departments are once again able to tackle troubles in kitchens!

Here’s a look at some of the problem spots we’ve been told about across the Tennessee Valley this week. Full scores and inspection notes can be found at the bottom of the story:


Two spots at Bridge Street were near the bottom of the scoresheet this week. BJ’s Restaurant gets an 81 due to broken equipment, dirty utensils, food temperature problems and a lack of chlorine in he dishwasher. Pieology Pizza was just one point higher at an 82 due to pink substances in the soda nozzles.

Rookiez Wings in Hazel Green loses points for not having hot water in he restrooms. It gets an 88.

The lowest score this week belongs to the Waffle House in Meridianville. It was hit with a 75 due to foods at the wrong temperature, a dishwasher not hot enough to sanitize dishes, and cleaning chemicals stored next to the ice. This was all fixed after the inspection, but the low score stands.


In Athens, the Zaxby’s at French Farms scores an 85. That’s because of residue found near the ice chute and food temperature problems.

Lucia’s on County Line Road was given an 86 because of salsa sitting out too long and no hot water in the sinks.

In Morgan County, Ay Chihuahua on Highway 67 got a decent score of 90, but it’s important to note it lost points for day old beans at the wrong temperature.

Izzy’s Deli in Somerville gets an 85 due to food temperature problems and employee training issues.

The Mapco at 6th Avenue SE and 8th Street had a broken food temperature thermometer and scored an 87.

The lowest score in Morgan County is La Estrella on Central Parkway in Decatur. It was hit with an 84 due to multiple food temperature problems.


The Subway on Highway 72 in Killen gets an 86 due to staff training problems.

In Colbert County, he Cozumel Cantina has a dismal score of 67. We’re in touch with county inspectors there to get more information on what led to the score.

Raw scores and inspection reports:

* (note: A score of 10 indicates a preliminary inspection, usually before a new opening. Please disregard it)

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