Huntsville Police Department taking steps to improve performance

Updated: Apr. 22, 2021 at 7:20 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - It’s no secret there is a national spotlight on police right now. Many are trying to answer the question of how to better the profession of law enforcement. WAFF is learning Huntsville Police called in an outside company to help with that.

In an attempt to improve performance at the Huntsville Police Department, officials called in Rippleworx. Rippleworx is a performance accelerator using data analytics to create an action plan for HPD.

Officials with the department say they are taking additional steps to make sure officers are prepared to make the best decisions in the worst-case scenarios. For the past two months, HPD has been working with Rippleworx to track and analyze their performance data.

“How do you make good decisions? How do you understand the sentiment of your officers? How are you able to really move them forward so that both the community and the officers feel safe?” asked Andie Sanritter, President of Rippleworx.

Sandritter says with the current climate between police and the public, they want to be part of the solution.

“What we are seeing initially from the data is that officers are driven to protect and serve the community,” added Sandritter.

The data tracked by this software will hopefully offer new ideas for individual training plans and development for each officer participating.

Officers are hoping this will provide the best and most necessary responses when push comes to shove. The overall goal of this partnership is to make sure the community feels as safe as possible and to build trust.

“How do you get down to that level and start to make sure that is what is being understood and felt within communities as well?” questioned Sandritter.

That’s exactly what they’re working to do, to get down on that personal level with officers to better understand how they can protect their community and themselves.

Captain Dewayne McCarver who is over the partnership at HPD says further updates will come as this partnership continues to develop.

WAFF will make sure to update you as we learn more details about not only what these action plans will entail, but how they will benefit the community.

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