Huntsville Police Citizens Advisory Council releases full report from 2020 protests

Huntsville City Council receives in-depth report on June 2020 protests

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - On April 22, members of the Huntsville City Council came together to review an in-depth report about the June 2020 protests in downtown Huntsville. The protests started peacefully but ended with tear gas and rubber bullets.

After 10 months of review from an independent counsel brought in by the Huntsville Police Citizens Advisory Council, the major need is more training.


A 248-page report was reduced down to a presentation from legal representation for the council on Thursday night. The common theme from the report and public commentators was police need more training and better communication when it comes to matters of protests.

The council has released the full report online, you can view it below:

One of the biggest concerns of the public coming into Thursday’s meeting is which departments used the rubber bullets? The Madison County Sheriff’s Office confirmed deputies did use rubber bullets, but it is still unsure whether the Huntsville Police Department used them or not. Huntsville Police Chief McMurray says he doesn’t believe in the use of rubber bullets and did not authorize the use of rubber bullets.

Everyone at the meeting agrees this will not be solved in just one night There will be another meeting on April 28 for a broader discussion than just the protests. WAFF will be in the room to bring you all of the details.

Find the full report and more information on the Advisory Council on the Huntsville City website here.

An attorney for the city of Madison published a letter to the Advisory Council on Friday requesting corrections to the Council’s initial report. You can read the letter below:

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