Colbert County parents put on prom for students second year in a row

Published: Apr. 22, 2021 at 8:25 PM CDT
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COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - COVID-19 vaccinations may allow for a typical high school experience this fall, but the pandemic is still impacting schools. The pandemic put celebrations like graduations and proms at a screeching halt for some schools

Others had to find safer ways to have them.

Colbert County Schools Superintendent Chris Hand took office right when the school district was completely virtual. Health concerns and limited time to fundraise left school officials with few options.

“It’s not ideal and it’s obviously not the first choice we would want to do, but we were just very limited on what we could do in the short amount of time,” said Hand.

Rather than the school district facilitating fundraising and support for prom, the event was turned over to the community.

“We just decided that if the parents were willing to do this once more since we were in such a predicament and such an unusual time with it being January, with very little to no time fundraise or coordinate activities and parents had pulled this off once before,” said Hand.

So parent’s like Lasonia Fuqua got to work.

Raising more than $4,000 to put on Colbert County High School’s prom.

“We did raffles. We did all sorts of fundraising and it was successful. We raised enough money to decorate the whole venue, to buy the food, to pay the DJ. The kids didn’t have to pay for anything,” said Fuqua.

Colbert County High School’s prom was last weekend. Because of the new safer apart order in Alabama, she said they couldn’t mandate masks but they did adhere to all of the CDC and ADPH guidelines.

“We took the best precautions we could. Mainly, better precautions we were able to take last year because last year we really didn’t know what was happening because it was just the beginning of COVID and now that we know what COVID is and how it’s spread, we did the best we could to make sure they were covered,” said Fuqua.

Cherokee High School prom was also put on by parents this year.

For some, it’s just a dance.

For these families, it was something much bigger.

“So much has been taken from our kids since COVID has started. That was our way of giving them something normal,” said Fuqua.

Colbert Heights prom is May 5th and will also be put on by parents.

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