New evidence claims north Alabama man involved in Capitol protest assaulted police officers

New evidence claims north Alabama man involved in Capitol protest assaulted police officers
A Capitol officer's body camera footage of Joshua James (Source: WAFF)

ARAB, Ala. (WAFF) - Federal prosecutors want a man from Arab back in jail.

Joshua James is accused of storming the U.S. Capitol in January as part of a right wing militia group called the Oath Keepers. He was arrested in an FBI raid at his home on Bashier’s Chapel Road in Arab in March.

Earlier this month, he was released from jail on house arrest and given restrictions on access to computers and phones.

Prosecutors say James needs to go back to jail based on new video evidence.

Court documents explain new video evidence showing James assaulting law-enforcement officers inside the Capitol building while screaming, “Get out of my Capitol! This is my [expletive] building!”

The motion states this evidence is bearing on the court’s decision to reopen the defendant’s detention hearing.

Additionally, the court concluded James presented a “serious risk of obstruction of justice,” warranting a detention hearing.

The government argues there are messages between James and other members asking if they should bring firearms and where should they be stashed. James responded he was planning to bring a firearm to the capitol. Court filings said James deleted the communication thread and asked his co-conspirators to do the same.

During the court’s original decision to release or detain the defendant, officials say it was a “close call”.

The motion claims the court did find James was dangerous, but there was a combination of conditions that could reasonably assure the safety of the defendant’s community moving forward.

James was released from jail on April 9 on house arrest along with multiple restrictions including no access to computers or phones tablets. In a new motion filed on April 19, government counsel made modification to James’ order:

“The defendant may use an electronic device with internet access for the sole purposes of: (1) attending court hearings, (2) communicating with his counsel and defense team, and (3) reviewing discovery materials with counsel and defense team. The defendant may not use electronic devices connected to the Internet for any other purposes.”

A judge has not yet ruled on this new motion.

Meantime, James has pleaded not guilty to multiple charges.

Read the full court order below.

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