Huntsville woman who faked cancer diagnosis may have stolen over $10,000 from church

Multiple people are naming various other local churches Lineberger may have targeted over the last 20 years
Updated: Apr. 19, 2021 at 6:44 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - WAFF has new information in a case surrounding a Huntsville woman who allegedly conned people out of thousands of dollars, all under the guise that she was dying of stage four breast cancer.

Huntsville investigators confirm Dawn Lineberger admitted to faking a cancer diagnosis, but says she did it for attention and not the thousands of dollars she received in donations. Lincoln Church of Church is one of the places Lineberger may have stolen from, according to the police report.

A house on Bide a Wee Dr. was listed as Lineberger’s address - but the home belongs to the church. She is also accused of stealing money through donations from GoFundMe accounts, money wiring apps and social media.

A man she met on TikTok helped her raise over $8,000 through a GoFundMe.

“She looked like she had cancer. She played the part she played everyone she fooled her kids. Her own daughter thought she had cancer,” said Lineberger’s TikTok friend John.

A GoFundMe spokesperson announced that everyone who donated to her cause will be refunded.

Lineberger’s ex-fiancé, Jonathan Perdue, says she had been manipulating people for years. He recently came across her Facebook page and saw the claims of cancer.

“Instantly to me when I saw the shaven head and, ‘oh I’ve got cancer’ and all this, I said big red flag, that’s all fake, that’s not true,” said Perdue.

Although Lincoln Church of Christ is the only church mentioned in court documents, there have been multiple people naming various other local churches she may have targeted as well over the last 20 years.

Local lawyer Lauren Nichols is named as Lineberger’s defense attorney. Her first court appearance is set for May 5.

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