City of Huntsville renews greenway expansion partnership

Officials want to expand the current 73 miles of greenway to over 300 miles

Expanding city greenways in Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The City of Huntsville is renewing their partnership with the Land Trust of North Alabama to expand the greenway space, but what’s this mean for you? It could mean more space to walk your dog or do your afternoon run.

According to the City of Huntsville’s website, its plan for these greenways is to have a connected system of trails for the public to use. For the past five years, the city has been working with the Trust to identify possible trail areas, acquire the land and design the greenways. The new agreement will begin once the current agreement ends in September.

Marie Bostick with the Land Trust of North Alabama said the city is booming in population and this is another way to give residents something to do.

“We fortunately live in a booming area right now but you need to balance that with the ability to still get outside and we are so fortunate to have these beautiful places. We just need to make sure that we are expanding those and protecting them and continue to grow them as well,” Bostick said.

Another plus, Bostick said both the city and the land trust are used to working on conservation efforts.

“There’s a lot of overlap of what we are doing as far as conserving the green spaces for outdoor recreation so it’s a natural fit for us to work together,” she said.

Dennis Madsen with the City of Huntsville said the following about the partnership in a released statement:

“The initial contract – signed almost five years ago - was designed to leverage the Land Trust’s expertise in identifying land, acquiring parcels, and designing greenways. It has been such a successful partnership – with trails having been engineered and built in every corner of Huntsville – that we were excited to be able to renew the agreement and continue the relationship. The current Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) doesn’t expire until September, at which point the renewed agreement will take effect.”

Currently the city has about 73 miles of existing greenways. According to the city website, the future goal is 312 miles of total greenways.

“The quality of life issue cannot be overstated and this is a way to improve quality of life,” Bostick said.

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