Woman from Arab seeks justice after she says ex-boyfriend killed her dog

Woman from Arab says her dog was beaten and killed

ARAB, Ala. (WAFF) - A woman is demanding justice after she said her dog was beaten to death in Arab.

Jaron James Whitley was arrested and charged in the crime.

“I went out and looked in my garbage can, and I found a rag with blood all on it. So, I knew then that he had done something to my Jax,” said Jill Burgett, dog owner.

Burgett recalled the devastating day when she found out her dog Jax was killed.

Burgett got home from work on Monday, April 5 after 10 p.m.

She started searching for Jax after he didn’t greet her at the door. When she couldn’t find him, she contacted her ex-boyfriend Jaron James Whitley.

He was the last person to see Jax.

Burgett said Whitley didn’t answer, and that’s when she found blood stains inside her bedroom.

“There was dried up blood, you could tell where Jaron had wiped my floor because it was brown. There was poop under my bed, there was a panel under my bed that was broken in half that had blood on it,” said Burgett.

Burgett said Whitley told detectives on Thursday, April 8 that he beat Jax with a wrench, put his body in a duffle bag and left him on Best Road in Hartselle.

Whitley filed a police report, picked up her beloved pet’s remains, and took them to a local vet.

“They said that his injuries were consistent with being beaten and I haven’t saw Jax’s body. They have the pictures, and I don’t want to see his pictures. I am angry, I want justice and I will not stop until I get justice for my Jax. He is a monster and my dog, my Jax did not deserve the brutal beaten that he got,” said Burgett.

Whitley was arrested on Tuesday, April 13 and is out of jail on a $20,000 bond.

Burgett said that Jax bit Whitley previously and said Whitley never liked him since that happened.

She said she is heartbroken by her dog’s death.

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