Most Alabama Mayors, Councilmembers will serve an extra year this term

Eleven cities will not be affected by the new law, including Huntsville

New bill extends Mayoral term

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Alabama is moving state municipal elections back 12 months. Senate Bill 119 changes the election cycle so it will be separate from the presidential election cycle.

This new bill means some leaders who were elected or re-elected last year, will stay in office until 2025.

“It basically cleaned up the election cycle for about 97 percent of the cities and towns throughout the state of Alabama to extend this election term one year,” said Athens Mayor Ronnie Marks.

Marks says this bill will help the process run smoother. Prior to the bill, runoffs were six weeks long.

“From a standpoint of poll workers and others, it just was such a huge challenge,” said Marks.

Now, runoffs will be shortened to four weeks. Decatur Mayor Tab Bowling says he is looking forward to the extra time to serve the community.

“We’re thrilled about that opportunity especially during this time with all the growth and everything we’re seeing in our communities,” said Bowling.

Mayor Marks agrees.

“We’re a fast growing community, one of the fastest in the state of Alabama, we’ve got a lot of work to do and that just gives us another year to complete things before we get into an election cycle,” said Marks.

It’s important to note - this five year term will only be in place this one time around. Eleven cities will not be affected by the new law, including Huntsville.

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