Morgan County Jail rec yard adds layer of security

Morgan County Jail is increasing security

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) -This week, the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office put the final touches on their updated security measures at the jail.

This comes after the first ever escape from the secured recreational area in 2019. When John Gillespie, a registered sex offender escaped with the help of a fellow inmate.

Gillespie was able to escape by scaling the 30-foot wall by standing on an inmate’s shoulders and using bedsheets to climb down.

The Sheriff’s Office updated security measures including fencing across the top of the courtyard.

Planning took a year, but the additional fencing only took a month to install.

“This Fencing is really just Phase 1 that has come from that event. We are actually adding additional fencing along the first avenue side along the jail. That will keep the public on the outside from getting to the building,” says Swafford.

Officials say the escape exploited a design flaw with cameras having blind spots in the courtyard.

They’re hoping to spend more money on a new camera system in the future to upgrade the courtyard.

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