Elkmont church builds child care center after realizing great need

The center will be opening April 19

Daycare grand opening in Elkmont

ELKMONT, Ala. (WAFF) - Some exciting news for those in Elkmont in need of child care: There’s a new day care facility!

About a year and a half ago the Chamber of Commerce realized there was a dire need for child care in the area. That’s when Friendship North Church decided to take action.

Friendship North Pastor Steve Dorning says the center will hold up to 75 children from infants, to 4 years old. He says in rural areas like Elkmont, there are not enough daycare centers.

That can prevent some parents from being able to work. Dorning says the funding for this building came from the church and took a lot of commitment over the past year.

This program is a learning center and will teach early childhood development skills. It’s biblically based and will have lesson plans focusing on building motor and social skills for young children.

”What we hope that it brings to the community is an anchor of support that families can look to and say, okay, I can rest secured that my child is A: safe because we have a storm shelter, B: they’re fed because we have a commercial kitchen and we’re gonna make sure that they’re fed. And C: most importantly, that they’re well attended to and they’re being taught things and loved and nurtured,” said Dorning.

The center will be opening April 19.

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