City of Florence awarded over $800k from Emergency Solutions Grant

A new grant will go to organizations that help people in the Florence community

FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) - The city of Florence is getting a big financial boost for programs designed to help people in need.

The city will receive more than $800,000 from ADECA.

The money will go to organizations that help people in the community.

Melissa Bailey with the city of Florence said this was an application process. She said they notified local nonprofit agencies, letting them know they were seeking the grants.

The money will be distributed to The Community Action Agency of Northwest Alabama, Salvation Army of The Shoals, and Safeplace.

Those organizations will share the $828,300.

All of this money comes from the CARES Act.

Bailey said the city’s priorities on spending it are homeless prevention, emergency sheltering, and rapid re-housing.

She also said they were surprised they got the entire amount they requested, but it’s a testament in how much these agencies need the funding.

“Those same problems that we were experiencing during a regular year, but they were exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. So I think from a positive standpoint what this funding will do is help fill in those gaps because the need never stopped,” said Bailey.

Typically, these grants require a 50 percent match.

However, Bailey said this is not necessary with the ADECA funding.

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