Wearing your mask after getting vaccinated

Wearing your mask after getting vaccinated
(Source: Hawaii News Now)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Millions of Americans are being vaccinated every day, so does that mean they can stop wearing a mask?

The CDC recommends you continue to take safety precautions even after you’re fully vaccinated. Once you reach that point, can you go to work or the grocery store without a face covering?

According to Viva Health, Chief Medical Officer Dr.Tara Bryant, you can be asymptomatic and pass Covid-19 to another person if you’re fully vaccinated.

“It does take time for your body to build immunity or protection after any vaccination,” said Bryant. “You’re probably safe, but I think it’s important to protect others, and so I think by wearing a mask, you’re demonstrating respect for others, and that helps us all stay protected.”

Bryant says some data is encouraging; if you are with another fully vaccinated person, you can take off the masks.

“I think we can begin to enjoy those outings as we did before, and we can feel confident if we are all fully vaccinated,” said Bryant.

For those who are skeptical about taking the Covid-19 vaccine, Bryant has some advice.

“We’ve had many individuals across the world get vaccinated, and the rate of adverse effects are extremely low; so I think in terms of your family and friends, the best thing is for all of us to get vaccinated,” said Bryant.

Follow this link for the CDC recommendations.

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