Huntsville Police Citizens Advisory Council to announce findings from 2020 protests

Latest reports on Huntsville's June 2020 protests

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - It’s almost been a year since protests in downtown Huntsville ended with tear gas and rubber bullets.

Now, an investigation into the officers’ actions will soon be released to the public.

At Thursday night’s city council meeting, President Jennie Robinson said on April 22, the Huntsville Police Citizens Advisory Council will release its findings.

“How do we, to quote Mr. Boudin and others, do something? What’s that’s going to look like, and also have conversations about what are we doing that a lot of people don’t even know about. I’ve never seen anyone who is more eager to improve than our police chief,” Robinson said.

We told you months ago, Huntsville Police Chief Mark McMurray defended the officer’s actions, saying the protesters were given multiple warnings to leave before dispersing methods were used.

For months, members of the community have criticized the department’s actions, claiming it was unnecessary and excessive.

We will be at that meeting and let you know what is discussed.

Editor’s Note: This story originally reported the Advisory Council would release findings on April 28. This date has now been corrected to April 22.

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