COVID-19 survivor advocating for others to get the vaccine

Rhoda P's owner discusses her experience with COVID-19

FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) - Rhoda Plain is known for her cooking at her restaurant Rhoda P’s in downtown Tuscumbia, but today she’s serving up wisdom about her COVID-19 survival story and why she’s advocating for others to get the vaccine.

“I went in the hospital September 16th. I got out January 18th. It was a long haul, but I’m going to tell you, every day was worth it,” said Plain.

Rhoda Plain is gaining her strength again after she and her husband both beat COVID-19.

Before her battle with the virus, Mrs. Plain worked countless hours at her restaurant Rhoda P’s which is often known as a safe space in the African American community.

Now, she’s using her story and voice to encourage others to step up and get the vaccine.

“You would think that as sick as I was, as sick as my husband was, that the people around us would be running to get the vaccinations and they’re not doing that,” said Plain.

Her daughter was one of her greatest supporters throughout her sickness, and now, thanks to her family, Mrs. Plain believes she’s here for a greater purpose.

“Even with all of the problems that I encountered while I had COVID because I could have been gone many of times, but I really do believe that He left me here to tell the people that are skeptical that this shot isn’t going to hurt you, but it will help you,” said Plain.

Black communities have expressed hesitance about getting vaccinated because of the country’s long history of medical racism.

Mrs. Plain said she’s urging people to listen to her family’s story and get the shot.

“Go get vaccinated, please, because I don’t want anyone else to go through what me and my husband went through,” said Plain.

Now she it telling her story to hopefully prevent others from experiencing the same pain her family has.

“We were careful. We had masks on. We had gloves on. We even had throw away aprons, but we still got COVID,” said Plain.

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