Westside Missionary Baptist Church advocating for minority vaccinations

The church will be a vaccination site on April 24

A local church is opening its doors for COVID-19 vaccines

DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - Baraka Truss is the first lady of Westside Missionary Baptist Church.

She says there has been hesitation in her community to receive a COVID-19 shot, but also -

“Most of the time in our community, the black and brown community, we don’t have access to internet capabilities and you know being able to register and thing’s like that online,” said Truss.

The church will be a vaccination site on April 24.

Workers from Decatur Morgan Hospital will administer vaccines.

Truss says by doing this, they are able to bring the vaccine into the community, instead of the community having to find ways to get it.

“Most of the time people feel a lot safer coming to a place they are familiar with and Westside has been a pillar of this community for many, many years,” said Truss.

Truss’s passion for advocating the vaccine stems from her own experience.

Her mother died from COVID-19 in January.

“Her death was so sudden. It was only 3 days from the day that she collapsed and the date that she passed away. And I’m still, even to this day still in shock,” said Truss.

Truss said her mother was taken too soon and that that experience made her want to help others.

“If I can just help one person get their vaccination shot to get them the protection that they need and that is the protection that my mother was unable to get because she was not able to make it to her vaccination shot, I want to do that for this community,” said Truss.

The Pfizer vaccine will be available at the clinic. Truss hopes to help at least 500 people get vaccinated.

“Come out, get your vaccine, stay safe, if not for yourself do it for your family and your friends,” said Truss.

Forms to register are available at the church or on the church website.

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