New LED street light in Huntsville helps with safety, saves money

NEW LED lights hitting the streets in Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Changing a lightbulb may not seem like a big deal, but leaders in Huntsville say it’s made one part of town safer.

It’s saving taxpayers money too.

An LED street light is now located at the intersection on Oakwood Avenue and Meridian Street.

During the day, you can’t notice a difference, but at night time, the simple switch to LED lights is a game changer.

“Had a lot of break-ins, and a police officer said if you had whiter lights, clearer lights, it would be better for everybody. That was my first inkling that we needed to take a good look at changing the LED lights,” said Huntsville City Council member Frances Akridge.

The LED technology in the street light, high in the sky in Huntsville, is saving you the tax payers money.

“It is now 50 to 60 percent more efficient to have an LED lightbulb. It lasts 10 years, so the savings by itself will then roll over to the next batch of Street lights that will be replace,” said Akridge.

Photos of the area around the new light at night, shows you how bright it is.

“My husband took a picture of me standing near a street light from across the street. Even with my old camera, you can tell that I’m wearing a maroon, a dark colored colored coat,” said Akridge.

We talked with people who work, travel and live in the area where the new light is located.

They’re happy for the improved light fixture and hope more will replacements will be made soon.

“My husband and I live here, and we walk and we run a lot in the neighborhoods. I think later in the evenings, if the sidewalks and the streets are a little bit more illuminated that would just be amazing,” said Lauren Petersen.

Frances Akridge says in the fall, before the new budget, there will be a rollout plan for more LED lights throughout the city.

As of right now, she says they don’t have the total cost for the project because there are different options available.

If you want to weigh in on what you think about the new LED light fixture, you can call city hall at (256) 427-5011.

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