Community activist unveils mental illness awareness billboard campaign

Adina Peyton unveils billboard campaign

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Adina Peyton’s son Brad was fatally shot in November 2020 following a five hour standoff with Huntsville Police.

Now Peyton is advocating for police reform during crisis situations including mentally ill people. On Monday, she held a press conference announcing a billboard campaign pushing for this reform.

According to Peyton, Brad had mental illness and drug addictions issues.

“Brad was finally convinced to come down off the rood to surrender. He became disoriented and agitated when the police shot him with a round of a non-lethal projectile. My son panicked and ran into the street. It was there that Brad was stopped and pointed an empty gun. He was then shot a second time with another non-lethal projectile. Brad ran again and with HPD in pursuit, he was fatally shot 16 times,” said Adina Payton.

Peyton has requested the full body camera video, all audio and police report related to this investigation.

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