Officials respond to Limestone County flooding

A Limestone County Commissioner says the county has done all they can

Limestone County Commissioner addresses flooding issues in the area

LIMESTONE CO., Ala. (WAFF) - Limestone County residents who live near Mooresville Rd. say their yards and street floods every time it rains... and takes days to recede.

“It doesn’t drain good. We’re in the highest part of the county right here elevation wise, and it’s just kind of like a duck pond,” said Limestone County District 1 Commissioner Daryl Sammet.

One concerned citizen says she met with Sammet last year about this problem.

The culvert was replaced but has not done much to help.

“It’s not draining properly and Highway 53 is more or less a dam for it right now. It just stops the water,” said Sammet.

Sammet says this area, along with other flat, low-lying land in the county, has always been problematic.

“Well, it’s aggravating, you know you can’t maintain your yard and take care of your place without getting the water out and we realize that and do all we can to assist,” said Sammet.

Sammet says he has heard from a few residents about this issue since replacing the culvert.

He says officials with the county have done all they can, and met with an engineer from the Alabama Department of Transportation about this issue.

He says ALDOT will take over tying to fix it. But, nothing can be done until the flooding is dried up.

Seth Burkett from ALDOT tells me once the water recedes, crews will first make sure drainage pipes are clear and then see if any other improvements need to be made.

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