Decatur’s local mask ordinance could be lifted before April 9

While the statewide mandate ends on April 9, Decatur has its own municipal mask ordinance

Local mask decision could come sooner for residents in Decatur

DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - While the statewide mandate ends on April 9, Decatur has its own municipal mask ordinance.

Council President Jacob Ladner wants the council to make a decision about keeping or getting rid of it before April 9.

To actually repeal the ordinance at the meeting would require a unanimous vote for immediate consideration. If that happens, they can vote to repeal with a majority vote.

If there is not a unanimous vote for immediate consideration, the council would then have to schedule a special called meeting for later in the week to address the issue.

“I think this is just something that our residents want us to address. You know, they know that the state is addressing it on the 9th and they deserve an answer from us one way or the other on if we’re going to continue to local mandate or whether we’re gonna follow along with what the state is doing,” said Decatur City Council President Jacob Ladner.

Mayor Tab Bowling says he thinks Decatur should follow the state’s guidelines.

If the mask ordinance is repealed in Decatur, local businesses and establishments could still require masks.

“We have residents from surrounding municipalities that come into our community to work, to shop, to play, participate in recreation things of that nature. And all of us need to be on the same page,” said Bowling.

Bowling says he has confidence in the council and will support their decision either way.

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