Decatur Veterinarian says surrendered dogs may be up for adoption soon

This comes after a social media post went viral of neglected dogs in Decatur.

Decatur Veterinarian says surrendered dogs may be up for adoption soon
A group of neglected dogs in Decatur are now preparing for happy, new homes (Source: WAFF)

DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - Dr. Steven Osborne is the city veterinarian in Decatur.

He was the one who examined some of the dogs surrendered from the viral social media post showing the animals tied up with chains in the mud alongside a dead dog.

“The animals were suffering from a little bit for lack of shelter, quality shelter for sure. And there were some other sings of neglect,” said Osborne.

Osborne deals with neglected animals often, but says this case was different.

“This was a, kind of a worst case scenario you know, in other words this was a situation when the animals really were in worse shape than what we see,” said Osborne.

He is now taking part in getting them healthy and ready for adoption.

As for a timeline on adoption - he says it’s up to Decatur animal services, where Osborne says the surrendered dogs are now.

The viral social media post led to the city council approving a tethering ordinance for animals in Decatur.

“I think it’s a good thing I think it will help people to maybe avoid some of the pitfalls that are associated with that and maybe there will be less tethering because of it but still again I think animal welfare, animal health, and animal preventative medicine and animal environment is the key thing,” said Osborne.

Osborne says although these dogs got a lot of attention - there are plenty of dogs with similar stories at the shelter.

“It’s a great thing to adopt an animal because that animal needs someone that can take care of it but you need to make sure that you’re someone who can take care of it before you make that commitment,” said Osborne.

Decatur animal services did not comment on any updates with these particular dogs that were surrendered.

Again, it will be up to them to determine when these dogs can find a new home.

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