After two weeks, Cherokee home has more flooding, no power

A Cherokee woman is still not able to access her home after flooding

CHEROKEE, Ala. (WAFF) - While most of us are enjoying a break with the drier weather, one woman continues to see the flood waters rise around her home.

“I just can’t put it in words anymore. It’s been emotional. It’s been stressful and hard last few weeks,” said Tiffany Christopher.

The water has risen and gotten a lot worse.

“You wake up and it’s not a dream. This is the reality that I am living. My home is flooded and I’m paying a mortgage on a home that I cannot live in,” said Christopher.

The water has risen so much that Christopher had to turn the power off in her home.

She and her son have been staying with her mom for the time being but the flood waters are there now.

“We were staying with my mom and now you know her yard is flooded. She’s going to end up being in the same situation I’m in if something doesn’t get done quick. Eventually, we’ll lose access to our only safe haven we have right now,” said Christopher.

Her family has owned this property for decades. She said flooding has never been this bad.

She believes the solar company owned by Orsted behind her home is responsible for the flooding.

“We have never had flooding like this. We’ve never lost access to our homes,” said Christopher.

She said the company offered a $10,000 settlement in return of a confidentiality agreement, but she declined.

“My home is worth... I’m not looking for money. You know, I’m looking for my home to be replaced,” said Christopher.

Orsted sent us a statement from the company, claiming it is committed to being a good neighbor and a third party engineering firm is looking at the issue. The company is also working with local officials.

Christopher said she just wants her voice heard by the company

“I feel like Orsted should be human and not a company and do what’s right and put themselves in my shoes. What would they do if this was their family or their home?”

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