Huntsville concert venues monitoring COVID protocols as shows return to the stage

Future of concerts in Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) -Things are starting to pick back up over at Mars Music Hall in the Von Braun Center after a difficult year. The music hall opened in January of 2020 and had several sold-out shows, but then was forced to shut down.

Now that venues across the country are starting to test out concerts similar to pre-COVID conditions, we wanted to know what venues here in Huntsville are doing!

Over at the Von Braun Center, they are going to continue to monitor Governor Ivey’s announcements about mask mandate protocols as they come, but as for now, all precautions will still be put into place.

Samantha Nielson, the Marketing and Public Relations Manager at the Von Braun Center, says this is part of the reason they are introducing the new temporary outdoor stage later this month. Many artists were hesitant to perform at an indoor venue, and they wanted to make sure to cater to those that felt uncomfortable attending an indoor event. The first concert at the outdoor stage, 3rd Rock, is on April 17th.

Nielson says that things did start to get tight for the VBC right around when the vaccine rolled out, but she believes people are starting to feel much more comfortable.

“We are seeing events pick back up, we are seeing people excited to get back out. Ticket sales have been really good, so that is a good indicator that people are ready to get back out,” says Nielson.

Local band talks experience with COVID

Carver Commodore, a band out of Florence, was planning on playing 43 shows last year, at least, but they only ended up playing at five.

Payton Pruitt, the lead singer for Carver Commodore, says this was partially due to the band’s personal decision. They obviously did not want to play at shows and possibly risk everyone’s health. Also, many places weren’t even able to have live music anyways.

However, they still managed to book shows that were drive-in or socially distanced.

Pruitt says, they took off January and February of 2020 and say, in hindsight, that was the worst thing they could have done. But, the silver lining to all the off time is that they were able to write another record.

Pruitt says artists and fans shouldn’t be afraid to get back out there and perform or attend concerts as long as everyone is safe.

“We had to take our normal standards and just kind of toss them out the window,” says Pruitt.

“If we want to play shows we have to be willing to do it this way. We totally are. We are 100 percent willing because this is what we want to be doing.”

Carver Commodore actually kicks off their tour today in Georgia. That is another change to the tour, instead of performing across the country, the band now is only doing a tour in the Southeast.

They are making a stop in Huntsville on April 24 at Gold Sprint Coffee + Bike.

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