Wearing a mask can relieve seasonal allergy symptoms

Masks relieve seasonal allergies

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Studies have shown that a common pandemic tool can actually help you prevent seasonal allergy symptoms. It turns out the protocol of wearing a mask is pretty handy. Not only can it prevent the spread of COVID, but masking-up can also protect you from pollen or irritants in the air this spring.

Local Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Ali Hassoun says it is mainly because the mask is reducing your exposure to the pollen.

He says this can be any mask, so from the N-95 masks that the CDC recommends to a regular cloth mask will work.

While people with reusable masks should already be washing them regularly anyway, the CDC says for those who suffer from allergies, it is more important because your mask can carry that pollen after every use.

As long as your mask is clean, it will help.

“It will just reduce the exposure to the pollen. It will filter some of the allergens, basically from getting into your respiratory systems,” says Hassoun.

It is also important to remember common allergy season tips: Change filters in your home, wash your bed sheets often, and wear glasses as opposed to contacts if possible.

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