Fact checking political laws in Dale Strong campaign ad

Fact-checking political laws

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill is addressing claims that some people have made against Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong after he announced he’s running for Congress.

“A number of people seem to be concerned that there were some ethical violations, some egregious activity that took place,” said Merrill.

Merrill has reviewed the claims and says Dale Strong has done nothing wrong.

On Tuesday, we fact checked questions and concerns people emailed and called us with, after watching Dale Strong announce in front of the Monrovia Volunteer Fire Department his plans to run for Congress.

We were there yesterday when he made his announcement.

“Today, I announce that I’m a candidate for the United States Congress 5th congressional district from the state of Alabama,” said Strong.

Monrovia Volunteer Fire Department trucks were also there, used as a backdrop for this speech, which took place in the parking lot in front of the fire department.

Did you know, in Alabama, it’s against the law and a violation of state code to use state, city, local government funds, property, and time, for political activities?

In a campaign ad on YouTube, Dale Strong can be seen wearing a fire fighters uniform, and driving a fire truck.

We’re fact checking and looking into the rules.

“Did Commission or Strong actually violate state law in the use of this property? The answer to that question is no. Did Commission or Strong actually violate the terms of use of the equipment in his video? The answer to that is no,” said Merrill.

Merrill says the rules are different for volunteer fire departments.

“The important thing to know is the Monrovia Fire Department is not a part of a municipality. The Monrovia Fire Department is a volunteer fire department, governed by their own board and they are not public entities, like those others that belong to municipalities and counties or the state,” said Merrill.

The election for this congressional seat is scheduled for fall of 2022.

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